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How Leaders Can Give More Effective Feedback

Feedback is one of the most valuable things a business leader can give.

Constructive feedback in the workplace helps us to understand what we’re doing right and where we need to improve. When feedback is positive, it acts as a source of inspiration and motivation.

We get the reassurance of knowing that we’re taking the right steps towards success.

When feedback is negative, it can be worrisome initially, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity for growth. Negative feedback, when given effectively, shows us the things that we need to work on in a supportive, and insightful way. It means we can become better at what we do in the long term.

Learn more about why you might want to give more feedback in your company and how to do it constructively.

The Benefits of Constructive Feedback

The benefits of constructive feedback start with engagement. When people get constant feedback and guidance from their team leaders, they feel more engaged by their role and more like part of the team. There are countless statistics proving that feedback drives positive results.

Around 96% of employees say they want to hear feedback regularly.

Feedback also:

  • Reduces staff turnover. Telling your employees that they’re doing a good job regularly is a great way to keep them around. However, it also helps to give them information about what they’re doing wrong. Team members like to see that they’re making progress in their roles, and feedback helps with this.

  • Provides better business outcomes. You can only drive better results for your company if your employees know what to do to deliver success. Telling your employees why the work they’ve done is good or inadequate means that they’re more likely to deliver effective results in the future.

  • Increases productivity. The more feedback your team receives, the more confident they’ll be about taking responsibility and initiative. Providing regular feedback keeps your team members from constantly questioning what they do because they already know what kind of behavior you like or dislike.

How to Give Effective Feedback

Step 1: Be Positive

Notably, giving feedback is important, but not just any feedback will do. Only around 29% of employees say that the feedback they get helps them to perform better in their job.

If you want the things you say to have a positive influence on your team, it’s important to have a strategy.

First, start by addressing positive behavior. This makes it much easier to give great feedback because you just tell your employees what you liked about their work and thank them for their effort.