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The Secrets Behind the Power of Intention

The power of intention has the ability to transform your life for the better. Without it, you may feel like you lack direction and get bored easily, all the while living an unfulfilled existence.

When you set an intention, it gives you a purpose. Think about how driven and fulfilled you've felt in the past when you've had a purpose. Alternatively, think about a day in your life where you needed to accomplish something but you lacked purpose. There is likely a remarkable difference between what you achieved and how you felt about your achievement!

You can set an intention for anything in life. You can get out of bed and be abstract and say that you "intend" to have a great day. You can also be specific and list out the things that you intend to accomplish.

For example, if you practice yoga in the afternoon, set an intention for your practice. Say that with every breath you exhale, you are releasing negative energy, while you inhale positivity. In the end, you're not only relaxed, but also rejuvenated.

What Are The Secrets?

There are ways that you can bring out your intentions to make your planning easier and your quest for your goals more fruitful.

Try the following activities:

1. Take your dreams seriously. Don't allow yourself to push your dreams away. They're not meant to remain fantasies forever; you need to bring them into reality! When you take your dreams seriously, they turn into plans and intentions. When you intend to do something, it becomes real and brings your dreams to life.

2. Gain clarity. Do whatever is within your power to clarify your dreams and intentions. You can do this by simply brainstorming and sorting out your thoughts.

  • Keep a journal and get into the habit of writing everything down. Writing down your intentions is psychologically powerful.

  • Post your ultimate dream or intention somewhere where you'll see it every day.

3. Declare your intentions. Make your intentions known to the world so you'll be held accountable for them. You might think that keeping them inside is better because then no one will know if you fail, but in that scenario, you've given up and failed yourself.

  • Tell your friends and family of your goals and keep them up to date on your progress.

  • Alternatively, keep an online blog for sharing your intentions.

4. Take action every day. Whether your intentions are large or small, do something every day that's a step forward toward your intentions. Even if your step for the day is a very small one, it's a positive progress that'll add up to something big over time.

5. Keep building new intentions. Once you achieve a goal, set new ones and set them often. The more you build intentions around the things you do, the more productive you'll become and the more things will seem to go your way.

  • Remember that every intention doesn't have to be about hard work. You can keep your brain active while you engage in rest activities as well. For instance, when you intend to have a good time relaxing, you likely will.

Learning how to use the power of intention is exhilarating! It frees you to be the best you can be and brings you a life worth living well. Enjoy it with all the gusto you've got!

To Your Continued Success!

Always Leading Up,



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