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Trying to Build Wealth? Beware of These Strategies

Who doesn't want more money? Even people with billions of dollars seem preoccupied with trying to get even richer. But why do some people seem to acquire money easily while others really struggle?

I'm sure you've noticed that many financially successful people aren't particularly talented. The difference is that they’re spending their time on productive and profitable things.

At the end of the day, people are paid in relation to the amount of value they provide. To receive money, you simply must be creating value in some way.

There are many ways to provide value; just think of all the things in your life that you're willing to purchase. This isn’t a complex idea, either. For thousands of years, people have been trading value for income. If you haven't fully internalized this concept, you might be spinning your wheels in trying to build wealth.

Consider these two habits that may be coming between you and real wealth:

1. Using mental gymnastics as a means to generate income. The idea of generating wealth via meditation or visualization has become very popular. Books like The Secret and numerous similar programs have suggested that merely focusing on what you want will seemingly cause it to drop from the sky into your lap.

  • Admittedly, these practices can be very helpful because working on your mental blocks is always a worthwhile endeavor. But these activities in themselves do not directly generate income. Do these practices provide any value to anyone else? Why would someone give you some of their money just because you're meditating?

  • Your mental house cleaning may very well put you in a better position to create value for others, but the house cleaning itself doesn't matter to other people. And no value equals no money.

  • Making a lot of money usually takes a lot of action. At some point, you need to stop the mental cleansing and begin taking physical action to create the value that precedes getting paid.

2. Focusing on the money instead of value creation. In some ways, this is related to item #1. Always ask yourself if you would be willing to pay for the “value” that you've created.

  • Websites are an excellent example. There are several great websites out there that provide tremendous value, and people are willing to trade their money for that. But there are countless sites that are not of much worth. They offer the same articles, posts, and perspectives that can be found on 100 other websites.

  • Those poorly executed websites were created with the idea of generating income, not providing value. In these cases, the website is being used as a tool in an attempt to milk a system, rather than as a tool to provide value. In your quest for money, avoid selfishness. You have to give before you can get, just like you learned in kindergarten.

Trying to “meditate” your way to a million dollars makes for great marketing, but doesn't directly provide income. Real action also must occur.

Focusing only on the money without a thought towards providing value doesn’t make a good business model. Work on creating value and then charge people for it. You'll be wealthy before you know it.

To Your Continued Success!

Always Leading Up,



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