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Create The Life & Business You Want This Year
Use my proven 6 step process to scale with ease, improve your life, lead empowered teams, see the success & profit you want & halve your stress in record time.


Attention Entrepreneurs Business Owners & CEO's

Learn How to Increase Sales & Profits FAST, Stop Micro Managing, Empower Your People &
Halve Your Stress

(plus have fun doing it)



Businesses Coached and Mentored To Increase Sales + Halve Their Stress


19+ yrs


Teams Who Rapidly Increased Productivity & Had Fun Doing It

Leading &
Coaching Companies to Success

Average Saved For Companies Per Year Using My Skills & Proven Experience

Hi There...

I'm giving you access to more than 20 years of skill in ramping up your sales, streamlining your business, building healthy happy and high performing teams and the ability to reach your vision and goals whilst lowering your stress - all at the same time.

How do I do it?

Having studied and worked with high performance, sales, positive psychology, and human dynamics, coaching over 1600 business owners plus I have worked at every level of the chain in your business so I have developed a gift for seeing the underlying issues that you may not yet see.

Most business leaders can't see the issues before they arise - so I developed a unique and fast tool to give you an immediate birds eye view of every angle of your life, business, sales, team and more in less than 15 minutes that will literally save you thousands.


This tool gives you the steering wheel back and gives you complete control over your direction.


Book your call and let's find the gaps and create a new vision to close them fast. 


On This Call I Will Show
You How To...

Stressed Man

The No.1 Problem Area That Is Driving All Other Problems

The number 1 area you must focus on that will solve all the other problems you have in your business or role. Knowing this alone could cut your stress in half and give you immediate clarity and opportunity.

Relaxing at Home

Increase Energy,  Decrease Burnout

I'll help you increase your free time, avoid burn out, find you the balance you are seeking and get you back in touch with what really matters beyond what you do.

Businesswoman on Phone

Get Out Of The Doing & start Leading

Micromanaging? Too many moving parts? Your vision not being implemented? How to get out of the doing and become a leader to see your vision into reality fast with and through people.

Giving a Presentation

See The Profits You Want & Reach Your Ultimate Vision

How to get everyone on track so your vision can be realised with ease. How to action your vision with realistic steps, KPI's, team, systems and more. Its time to increase profits & productivity.

Happy Businessman

Increase Sales, Cut Costs, Deliver Results With Ease & Efficiency

I'll show you how to get rid of what is unnecessary and holding you back + align your people and systems to get the results you want with ease.

Team Talk

Empower Your People & Rapidly Increase Performance

Want a real birds eye view of what's really going on with your team? My 15 min assessment will show you how to build teams that love what they do and get results without your assistance.



And why should you trust me?

With over With over 18 years experience, Stephanie Paillé has coached and mentored over 1600 independent business owners throughout Canada. 


Having delivered more than 500 multi-day trainings in leadership development, business planning, sales and marketing, finance, team training and development, she has become a leading coach and facilitator across multiple sectors. 


As the Founder and Executive Coach of 360 Leadership Coaching, Stephanie has created leadership coaching programs that unlock potential, drive engagement, create synergy and increase performance of leaders and managers in an organisation. 


Using a proven coaching process that have been tried and tested by over 200 leaders, Stephanie has an incredible gift for seeing the gaps and helping executives close them and she will rapidly find your return on investment.


Executive Coaching produce an average of 788% ROI. Which is more than 6 times the cost of coaching.1 


With her own sincere passion to exceed expectations, she is continually pursuing avenues of growth and performing incredible work with executive leaders and their teams to completely transform the level at which they operate resulting in astronomical differences to the bottom line. 


If you want to maximise results, streamline processes and launch into sustainable growth, Stephanie is the one to make it possible. 

Stephanie Paillé



Here are some testimonials, I can’t share all my success stories because some clients prefer to remain anonymous.
Although I do have many more, I prioritise my clients privacy where it is requested.

"Stéphanie prides herself on understanding the dynamics of an effective team and works tirelessly to foster a productive and energized sales environment. She empowers advisors with the vision and the drive to develop lasting client relationships. Her devotion to sales sets the stage for an exhilarating team focus on a common result”

Sunlife Financial

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 2.35.11 pm.png


I had the pleasure of working closely with Stephanie over a couple of years and was always impressed with her intelligence, sense of humour and her commitment to excellence. I don't say this lightly as Stephanie put in many extra hours in her role to ensure that projects, events and strategy were achieved on time and successfully. Steph is excellent at building and managing relationships and her desire to help comes through loud and clear. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Stephanie will have a lot of fun and success because of it.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 2.35.17 pm.png


Stephanie's approach to every situation with passion, detail, positivity and curiosity has made it a pleasure to have worked beside her to get the results I wanted in business. She holds true to her values and with that, success will always follow for you with her as your guide in every area of your business and life.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 2.35.25 pm.png


I found it so very easy to work with Stéphanie, she was very approachable, knowledgeable and ultimately sales driven. We worked well as a team to completely surpass our goals and grow our business. I learned a lot of valuable sales insights from Stéphanie and highly recommend her.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 2.35.32 pm.png


J'ai eu l'opportunité de travailler avec Stéphanie pendant au moins 3 ans. Ce fut une collaboration très productive à tous points de vue. Autant sur le plan personnel que professionnel, Stéphanie a apporté une grande contribution à la réalisation des projets sur lesquels nous avons travaillé. Généreuse de son temps et de ses idées, sa bonne humeur contagieuse et son approche bienveillante créent un environnent favorable à la productivité. Son dynamisme et sa disponibilité sont des atouts indéniables pour quiconque souhaite progresser et obtenir des résultats. Je n'hésiterai pas à retravailler avec Stéphanie dans le futur.




You will see exactly what you need to focus on, know your gaps and blindspots and using my powerful assessment tool know what to target first for the greatest results.



You will know exactly how to deliver results with more ease and efficiency, increase profits, cut cost, gain a clear plan for the next 6 months.  How to drastically reduce your time in the doing and streamline your business from the inside out.



You will finally get solid advice from someone who understands every angle of your business, your personal needs and your life. 

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