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Achieving your goals builds your self-confidence and brings feelings of success and happiness, right?

Thankfully, you can easily establish daily habits that bring you the success you desire.

Review these tips for inspiration:

1. Embrace your failures. The road to success is paved with your failures along the way. Your failures encourage you to try something different or to exert more effort into something. Decide to be okay with failure and to learn from it.

2. Ask questions. Never be afraid to ask questions about how someone is successful.

3. Define what success means to you. For example, you might see becoming the Vice President of your company as a success. Alternatively, your primary desire might be to raise a happy family. Neither one is better than the other!

4. Have clarity. Is your success within your reach? If you put in plenty of time and effort, will you achieve it? How? What’s your plan?

5. Stay focused. Keep working toward your goals, one moment at a time.

6. Surround yourself with successful people. You’re more apt to achieve success if you hang out with others who are successful.

7. Never give up. Keep trying to achieve.

8. Keep your eyes open for unexpected gems. You might encounter wonderful things that you weren’t anticipating. Discover the beauty along your path to success. You’ll then be inspired to continue.

9. Be proactive. Think in advance about what needs to happen in order for you to surpass a milestone on your journey.

10. Plan. Consistently allow time in your schedule to work toward your desired goals.

11. Expect delays and challenges. If you do, you’ll be less distracted when they occur.

12. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Avoid letting minor issues deter you from your goal.

13. Have fun with it. In order to be successful, your chosen field/career should be something that appeals to you. This way, you’ll enjoy yourself along the way.

14. Find a mentor. When you can pattern your behavior and actions after someone who’s successful, you’ll likely achieve success, too. Select a mentor you can look up to.