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6 Ways That Billionaires Think Differently Than the Rest of Us

Updated: Mar 13

Are billionaires unusual creatures that are born different from the rest of us? Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that billionaires have a different approach to the world that we can all learn from. People that have different results do things differently. And they do things differently because they think differently.

You might not be cut out to be a billionaire, but you can be much more financially successful than you’ve been demonstrating so far. Maybe all you need to do is to start thinking like a billionaire!

See how a billionaire thinks differently than most of us:

1. Billionaires have a long-term perspective. Most people are focused on surviving another week or planning their weekend. It’s a short-term perspective that never results in anything in the long-term.

  • A billionaire is making decisions and taking action for objectives that are often 10 years or more into the future.

  • A regular person might have to scramble to survive in the short-term, but there’s no reason why he can’t spend some of his time working toward something that will make his life better five years from now. However, very few do.

2. Billionaires value time over money. For a billionaire, money isn’t really a thing anymore. Buying a $200,000 car is irrelevant when you make $10 million a month. Billionaires value time. That’s why they often have drivers, charter planes, and assistants.

  • Conversely, many of us are willing to sacrifice too much time in order to save money. Sometimes this is necessary, but many people take it too far. As much as possible, use your time for a higher purpose.

3. Billionaires delegate. You can’t make a billion dollars all on your own. Many entrepreneurs struggle to grow beyond a certain level. It’s often because they won’t utilize other people to do the work.

  • It’s better to make 1% from the efforts of 1,000 people than to make 100% from just your own effort.

  • Delegate as much as you can. Always be looking for more valuable ways to spend your time.

4. Billionaires focus on making more money, rather than saving. The typical financial guru touts cutting expenses to the bone and saving as much as possible. That’s fine if you want to sacrifice today to be wealthy in 40 years when you retire.

  • However, it’s difficult to save a lot of money each month unless you make a lot of money.

  • Many billionaires are relatively tight with their money, but they primarily focus on making more money each year.

  • Save your money but put attention on boosting your income.

5. Billionaires have big goals. Billionaires aren’t aiming for a six-figure salary, a Corvette, or week in Rome. Their goals are more along the lines of taking over the telecommunications industry or owning a million acres of farmland. You can’t achieve big things without big goals.

6. Most billionaires like to work more than anything else. Some people look at billionaires and wonder what’s wrong with them.

  • “Don’t they already have more money than they can ever spend?”

  • “Why don’t they travel, spend time with friends, or learn to play the piano?”

  • “I could find something better to do than just work if I were wealthy.”

  • What most people fail to realize is that really successful people love to work. That’s part of the reason they are so successful.

  • A billionaire isn’t always obsessed with the idea of stockpiling more money - they just enjoy seeing improvement and progress in their life more than they enjoy doing anything else.

How does your way of thinking compare to that of a billionaire? Which of the ideas above can you incorporate into your own thinking?

You don’t have to be worth a billion dollars to think like a billionaire. And thinking like one can prove to be quite lucrative!

To Your Continued Success!

Always Leading Up,



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