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31 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Smile

There are many powerful reasons to smile. Smiling will make you feel happier and reduce your stress levels. It can help you appear friendlier and more attractive. Some research shows it can even boost your immune system and enable you to live longer.

You could wait for something pleasant to happen that will put a smile on your face. However, with all these benefits in mind, you can also speed the process along. Start with these easy ways to make yourself smile.

Smile Because You Feel Good

You’re more likely to smile when you’re feeling strong and fit. Invest in your health and wellbeing. Take time each day to nurture yourself.

Try these activities:

  1. Eat healthy. Plan nutritious meals and snacks full of whole foods. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Limit added sugar and salt.

  2. Exercise regularly. Stay active. Find a variety of workouts that you enjoy, so you’ll want to stick with them.

  3. Sleep well. Make sleep a top priority. Go to bed at around the same time each night. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet.

  4. Spend time outdoors. Green spaces tend to lift our spirits. Have a picnic at a local beach or park. Hang a bird feeder in your backyard. Spend your weekend camping or mountain climbing.

  5. Listen to music. Create soundtracks you can listen to while exercising or doing household chores. Sing along with your favorite tunes or experiment with new genres.

  6. Get a hobby. Doing something you love helps you to achieve flow, a feeling of being fully engaged and energized. Think about your childhood pastimes or browse magazines for ideas. Maybe you’ll want to paint landscapes or play bocce ball.

  7. Take breaks. Pausing throughout the day reduces stress and increases your productivity. Slow down to drink a cup of tea or stroll around the block.

Smile Because You’re Spreading Happiness

Being generous can give you a warm glow on the inside and a big smile on the outside. Look for opportunities to share your blessings.

Spread some happiness with these activities: