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A Foolproof Formula for Finding Your Flow State

According to the old saying, time flies when you’re having fun. The same thing happens when you’re in a state of flow.

That’s the term coined by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow describes an experience where you lose yourself in what you’re doing. You feel totally immersed and engaged.

There are even changes in your brain activity, like increased dopamine levels that are associated with enjoyment and motivation.

If you’ve experienced the exhilaration for yourself, you probably want more such moments. Try this foolproof formula for finding your sense of flow.

Benefits of a Flow State

There are many compelling reasons for trying to introduce more flow into your life.

Consider these important advantages:

  1. Boost your mood. Sometimes you have to push yourself to do things that will eventually increase your wellbeing. However, flow feels a lot more pleasant than visiting the dentist, so you’ll be happier right away.

  2. Manage stress. At the end of a busy day, you might want to sit down and relax. However, challenging yourself with something you find rewarding can sometimes be more effective than taking it easy. Try working on your hobbies instead of watching TV.

  3. Build your confidence. Flow helps you to discover your strengths and maximize them. You start accomplishing more when you focus on activities that you love and excel at. Soon, you’ll find it easier to believe in yourself and your abilities.

  4. Enhance your performance. Think about those moments when you’re at your peak. You’re more likely to excel when you’re working with passion and purpose.

Activities that Help Promote Flow

Depending on your approach, almost anything you do can give you feelings of flow.