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How to Become the Luckiest Person You Know

It might sound silly to suggest that you can increase the amount of good luck you experience in your life. However, there are people that have studied lucky people and have found some consistent similarities.

They also noticed several similarities between unlucky people.

Luck is largely random, but there are ways to give yourself more opportunity to be lucky. For example, a person that spends more time outside is more likely to see a rainbow. A person that is interested in rainbows is more likely to see one, too.

Luck is all about perception, clarity, action, observation, and opportunity. You really can become luckier!

Put these strategies to good use:

1. Be clear on what it is you want. The universe has a way of bringing to you what you desire. Or maybe it’s just that you notice the things that you value

  • Either way, knowing what you want is a great way of increasing the odds of experiencing what is commonly seen as luck.

2. Take advantage of opportunities. You never know what might happen when you pursue an opportunity. If you do nothing, you can be pretty sure that nothing out of the ordinary will happen. 3. Taking action increases your luck exponentially. It’s hard to be lucky while sitting at home watching TV. 4. Give yourself the chance to be lucky. The type of people that win at bingo are the type of people that play bingo. If you want to win a raffle, you have to buy a raffle ticket. Give yourself the best odds of becoming lucky. 5. Practice gratitude. Gratitude uplifts your mood and perspective. It also makes you more enjoyable to be around. When you put all of this together, practicing gratitude can make you luckier. 6. Follow your gut. Sometimes it’s better to follow your gut than your brain. Your gut feeling, or intuition, is driven by the wisest part of you. Let it have its say and see what happens.

  • Most people follow the path of least discomfort. Try following your gut, instead.

7. Be positive. Good things are more likely to happen if you have a positive attitude. When you expect failure, you won’t even try. When you won’t try, nothing good can happen.

  • A positive attitude attracts luck, and a negative attitude chases luck away.

8. Think proactively. Staying ahead of the game seems to help luck, too. When you’re only reactive, you’re dealing with situations as they happen. A lot of the “bad luck” we experience can be avoided with proactive thinking

  • A proactive attitude about the world can also help to make the most of good opportunities.

9. Be open minded. The more open minded you are, the more options you have available to you. You might be surprised by just how lucky you are if you’d only open your mind and your eyes to all the possibilities.

10. Believe in yourself. Belief in oneself brings more opportunities and options. When you don’t believe you can be successful, you’ll fail to make progress in any meaningful way.

You can take steps to experience more good luck. With a positive attitude and perspective, you can have more of what you want. With an open mind, you’ll see more opportunities that could be viewed as lucky. Knowing what you want increases the odds of finding it or ways of obtaining it.

All you have to do is give yourself the chance to be luckier!

To Your Continued Success!

Always Leading Up,


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