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Tried and True Tactics for Building Momentum

It pays to have the power of momentum on your side whether you’re running an Olympic race or just trying to finish your sales report on time. See how the laws of physics can help you reach your goals faster.

You may have heard of Isaac Newton’s Law of Inertia: An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest tends to stay at rest. That’s also true for people.

Try these 18 techniques to propel yourself towards more success by taking advantage of this law of nature.

Make a Start

  1. Take the first step. The kickoff of any project can be the most challenging stage. Give yourself credit for taking the initiative. You’re on your way to fulfilling your wishes. Even if you make a mistake, you can learn from it.

  2. Begin early. Use your morning hours wisely. Rack up at least one accomplishment before breakfast. You may sort through your emails or do a load of laundry in record time when interruptions are fewer.

  3. Start strong. Generate multiple leads to fill up your pipeline. For example, if one job interview fails to pan out, you’ll have several other applications to follow up on.

  4. Break projects down. Simplify complicated jobs. If you’re renovating your bathroom, draft a budget and ask family and friends to recommend contractors.

  5. Aim for easy wins. Feel like a hero by getting a few simple victories under your belt. It will inspire you to keep striving for more.

  6. Gather facts. Avoid delays due to uncertainty. Conduct the necessary research first. Browse online or ask a librarian for the best resources. Reach out to experts to get their advice.

  7. Identify obstacles. Similarly, anticipating roadblocks helps you to plan around them. For instance, arrange for a colleague to cover your responsibilities before you ask your supervisor for a week off.

Keep Moving Ahead

  1. Clarify your goals. It’s easier to advance when you know where you’re going. Be precise about what you want to achieve.

  2. Establish timelines. Target dates are another important element. Stay on track by deciding to get your taxes done by the end of the month or clean out the garage this weekend.

  3. Hold yourself accountable. Realize that you generate your own energy. Motivation is more reliable when it’s internal.

  4. Build on previous victories. Resist the temptation to rest on your laurels. Get back on the phone immediately after closing one sales call.

  5. Share the glory. Enlist the support of others. You can spur each other on. Momentum is contagious!

  6. Choose meaningful activities. You’re more likely to keep at something when you feel passionate about it. Devote your time to the things you care about.

  7. Tackle irksome tasks promptly. Of course, there’s bound to be grunt work. Wash the dishes immediately and get them out of the way.

  8. Get organized. Build up speed by putting systems in place. You’ll check off routine errands in less time.

  9. Schedule downtime. Allow for rest and relaxation. Play with your children or listen to classical music. You’ll return to work with more energy.

  10. Stay fit. Productivity depends on your physical and mental condition. Exercise regularly, eat a nutritious diet, and follow your doctor’s recommendations for any medical conditions you have.

  11. Evaluate your results. Take time to review your achievements and identify areas where you can raise your sights. Find satisfaction in developing your skills and being of service to others. Reward yourself with something nice like a potted plant or a good book.

Forget about getting stuck. Use momentum to build your confidence and put you on a winning streak.

To Your Continued Success!

Always Leading Up,


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