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Your time is valuable so make the best of it when you get together. It is impossible to facilitate and fully participate in your own planning session at the same time.


Do better. Give your team and your business an opportunity to thrive. Let the best ideas be heard. Hire an expert facilitator.


Build out the breakthrough long-term strategy that gets you to the top. 

You have a hundred strategic ideas that you never bring to action. You're struggling to evaluate your options and make the right decision for your business. We know how that feels.

You need a winning long-term strategy that sets the path for the next 3-5 years for your business. You need a

concrete plan that turns the vision you have for your business into reality.

But every planning session, you're too busy fielding ideas, managing logistics and dealing with conflict. With a strategic facilitator, you never have to worry about all that.

●    Build your long term strategy, BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal) & 3-5 Year Goals
●    Create a Brand Promise to help you grow faster
●    Revisit your core values and purpose
●    Set meaningful strategic targets for your business
●    Brainstorm potential strategies to increase revenue and profit and an actionable implementation plan
●    Rank and activate the most impactful revenue generating initiative



Create an actionable annual plan that sets you up for a successful year. 

Our facilitators help you run an effective session and develop the right plans— that move you to the next milestone on your long-term strategy, without overloading employees or resources.

By combining this with coaching we are here to make sure your plan actually gets executed!

Achieve your growth goals with a winning annual plan. We’ll help you:

●    Review the past year to identify successful patterns and lessons learned
●    Discuss high-level strategy and the specific goals that you want to accomplish
●    Determine your top 3-5 priorities for the year that are ambitious but realistic
●    Evaluate the impact of ideas on business growth and your ability to achieve them
●    Break your annual plan down to quarters and weeks & identify key milestones to make it easy to execute
●    Create an inspiring theme to keep your team motivated and focused
●    Determine measurable KPIs and priorities so you have visibility on your progress
●    Build a communication plan to share with the rest of the company



You want tighter execution - quarter planning is a solution.

Drive your strategy forward with an execution-ready quarterly plan.

There's no room for sloppy execution anymore.

Review your quarter and make adjustments so you never go completely off-road with your long-term plans.

Keep your teams focused, aligned, and empowered with super-high levels of accountability at all times. Make every quarter the best it can be.

Get aligned & build solid quarterly plans with a facilitator. We’ll help you:

  • Review the ending quarter and find where you stand with your annual goals

  • Decide what you need to start doing, stop doing and keep doing to stay on track

  • Determine the top 3-5 priorities for the upcoming quarter

  • Develop quarterly company and individual priorities with success metrics

  • Determine KPIs that help you measure progress on your priorities


Team Synergy that flow through each departmental Planning Session

As an organisation, support you leadership team by creating departmental and individual priorities aligned with and linked to your company plan.

All your plans are a waste, unless you bridge the gap between strategy and day-to-day implementation. And the only way to do that is to get every employee in every department aligned to your company plan.

Ensure every department knows their top priorities for the first 90 days, in line with the company plan, and each individual knows their priorities in line with the departments.


For you departments, we'll work with you to ensure your work is contributing to the bigger goals— so you're not just working hard, but also towards the future of your business.


Close the strategy-execution gap. We’ll help you:

  • Communicate the plan to the entire organization so everyone knows the goals they're driving towards.

  • Determine every team's top 3-5 priorities and waterfall individual priorities for each team member.

For Departments:

  • Ensure your team and individual priorities are aligned with the company's plan.

  • Assign Red-Yellow-Green success criteria to each priority.

  • Share the plans with other departments so that all teams understand how the whole company is working.

  • Create departmental and individual priorities aligned with and linked to your company plan.




Time to Pivot or Plan for a new Project or Opportunity,

a Custom Planning Session could be a great way to get started on the right foot.


Have a particular goal you need to achieve within the next six months and need to plan out your path with your teams? Need a game-plan to solve a particularly troublesome issue? Have an exciting new opportunity that you need to explore with your team? We can help!

We're flexible on the duration and the type of session you need: whether you need a two day strategy session or three half-days to work on your plan, our facilitators can tailor the program to fit your specific needs.

Identify the right research, data, and input needed and customize your agenda and logistics for your session. Let us help you build the plan you need for success!

Don't let virtual planning threaten your company's success. Adapt to changing conditions and have virtual sessions that are effective as your on-site sessions. Don't get side-tracked by conversations that don't matter—engage your team with a facilitator.

Share information in real time and collaborate more efficiently that you would in in-person sessions.

Transform your sessions from lifeless and tiring to fun and productive, and make planning more flexible—with facilitators who know what they're doing

It is impossible to facilitate and fully participate in your own planning session at the same time.

Do better. Give your team and your business an opportunity to thrive. Let the best ideas be heard. Hire an expert facilitator.




"The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It. Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things."3